Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Natalia's B-Day!

I went to Natalias b-day get-together at Night Shotz. It was sooo much fun. :D we just hung out ate food and played pool. I suck at it by the way. lol

Monday, November 17, 2008

Picture scavenger hunt

Alright ladies and gents. This is our FHE picture scavenger hunt. So here is the run down of pictures. This first one up here was "find a sign and do what it says", we we are gathering. The next one is we had to take a picture with a red head, so the wendy's girl would do. :D (Jaime is upon my shoulders. lol) then we had to take a picture of something we would drool over - and that was mike and his truck. but he is shunning us because of his engagment to another woman (no joke haha). AHAHAHA! the one with caitie basically flashing an unsuspecting citizen and student of byu idaho is our "awkward moment" picture. (she had on a shirt, dont worry.)
Next we have "the perfect date" which is a bunch of us girls and ben going to jensens jewlers. typical byu perfect date. jk - but seriously. the two after that are our "things a stalker would do" and ben is in the trash can starring longingly at jaime. but really, who wouldnt.
and last but certainly not least, is ben performing a scene from a disney movie. which disney movie you ask? High School Musical 3 - zac efrons emo angst song. he is torn between basketball and theater! what ever will he choose! and i think ben portrays those emotions beautifully.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another FHE

This was the FHE of chubby bunny and the Freeze game. There are no pictures here of chubby bunny because I don't want to embarrass myself. lol But these pictures are of the freeze game - basically what you do is you act out a small scene of anything you want, and then someone yells freeze - then you have to stop in exactly the position you were in when they called that out, then the person who called freeze has to step in for one person and start a completely different scene from the position that they froze in. Its really fun, but I feel retarded sometimes cause I don't know what to act out sometimes. There are a few things here that I dont remember what the scene was at all, but there is one of me and Jaime staring at the ceiling - we are staring at "clouds".

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pictures from a Saturday night

These are just me and Shandra and my brother Daniel.

Monday, November 3, 2008

aaanndd even MORE HALLOWEEN!!

These are with Caitie my roommate. She left us for a while to go down to Pocatello, but then she came back - which is good. :D

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I will put up more pictures later, but these are all I have right now. This is me and Jaime in our ninja turtle costumes. I was Michelangelo, but I dont have my mask on in these pictures, and Jaime was Leonardo. Rafael and Donatello are not in these ones, but they will be in the later ones.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Haunted Mill and free Big Mac's

Tonight we went to the Haunted Mill, which is SO much better than the Fear Factory by the way, with some friends and my brother :D. It was a group date, but Philip was unable to go tonight, so I was the only one without a date! How loserish is that?! lol but it was fun all the same. While we were waiting in line though, Dan said that he wanted me to text this number so that he could get a free Big Mac from McDonalds (apparently they only let you do it once and he had already used his up) when we were done. So I did, but I had to buy something in order to get it, so I just got an ice cream cone. It was a really fun night, and here are some pictures.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have gotten so behind in all of my classes that its flippin ridiculous! I am in the library right now and probably will be until 7 tonight, when I promised my roommate Jaime that I would go swing dancing with her tonight. (We are going to tape Pushing Daisies :D)
Right now I have about 5 math assignments that I need to do by Friday and a paper that was due Monday - that I am totally not finished with yet. (btw, I hate writing papers, I am a horrible writer and for some reason teachers in writing classes and such seem to not realize it when they assign things. I wish I could do an alternate assignment - like color pictures and things of that nature.)
Math isnt too hard, its just getting it all done thats the problem.
So here I go into the abyss of homework doing. I will come up for air at about 6:50pm. (it is 2:18pm right now).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dance party at Guitars Unplugged

These are just a few more pictures from guitars unplugged - mostly the dance afterward. (I cant dance, dont judge me!) lol

FHE - Carving Pumpkins

YAY! FHE tonight was carving pumpkins. Jaime and I's is a ninja turtle! Super awesome.
The one with me and a bandanna was just cause Ben put it on my head, don't know why. The guys' pumpkin was, I think, the joker. And the other girls apartment made Iron Man. I dont want to brag, but ours is the best.... I only speak the truth. lol

Fear Factory

Saturday night my roommates and some other friends and I all went to the Fear Factory in Rigby, Idaho. :D It was fun!
Jaime is flippin HILARIOUS! She kept yelling, "you look so beautiful" and "Jesus loves you!" and "I hope you find your Mom!" to all the people in there, it was ridiculously humorous. hahaha
So here are some pictures from that.

Fish Kidnapping

So, here is the story. My roommates and I, again, were very bored on a friday night. What we decided to do was go around and look in different apartments windows and see if their was something that we could steal and hold for ransom. As we were wandering, we saw a big trophy in a boys apartment, so we thought that that would be good.
I would just like to point out that when we knocked on their door, they were having some kind of guys night, with their mattress on the floor, smoothie making, and movies. So we felt weird intruding. But we quickly realized that we would not be able to get that trophy out of their apartment without them knowing - thats when we saw a fish on the table.
What was so crazy was that they kept giving us things, like cake and smoothies, so we felt a little odd stealing their fish. Caitie was the one that was able to get the fish out of the apartment unnoticed. Then we got home and found a bunch of magazines and newspapers and ads so we could cut out letters to make words for our ransom note. It said "If you ever want to see your fish again, you must meet our demands. 2 #2 pencils, unsharpened, 1 glass of orange juice, 1 tube of used chapstick (preferrably Jared Smart's). meet us at smith park under the gazeebo at 7:30 pm Saturday October 25, 2008 come alone (all of you) wear bright ties - anonymus.
haha, it took forever to find all the letters, but when we did, we couldnt wait until morning to put it on their door, so we put it on their door right after we finished it (I was really stealth as I fell up the stairs).
We fell asleep peacefully but then when we woke up we found out that they knew it was us. Which we figured that they would, but we were hopeing that they would play along with us. So this guy Dan comes over and asks us if we took the fish, to which we replied no (it was obvious how bad of liars we are). When he realized we werent going to admit it, he asked us how we think he should contact the kidnappers, and we said he should write them a letter in a place they would see it. 10 minutes later we see that he is out in the parking lot writing a big chalk letter in the parking lot. (oh! and earlier he said that his roommates wouldnt be able to make it at 7:30, so I called him, disguising my voice, and tried to set up a new time, but he said they were all busy that day - so I agreed that we would just give it back to him in 10 minutes). The letter read "Dear Fish Theives, We will not meet your demands, Jared's chapstick is too valuable to be used on your sinning lips. If you want a kiss just ask Jared to give you one. He is a nice boy, I am sure he will comply. We will meet you in the backyard in 5 minutes."
Well we decided that he underestimated us, so I called him back and said that we read his mocking letter, so we were postponing exchange until monday at 5pm.
We kept looking outside though, cause people kept walking by the letter and laughing, then Dan came out again and added to the letter. First it said "p.s. this is not a matter requiring police, leave them out of it." to which we were grateful, cause some people here can get a little twitchy. But then he added "Boys feel free to call - (my number) - Stacey wants a date with you, yes YOU!" I was laughing so hard at that.
anyways, it was really funny! They just got their fish back today, we bought them pizza to thank them for playing. The last picture is Jaime, Caitie, Shandra and Me (holding the knife).

Fall Semester 08!

So this picture is from when me and my roommates were bored and made cookies for a couple of our neighbors. We then made up a little poem, it said - "The phantom ghost has come to town, pass some treats to two neighbors around, to those who dont have ghosts on their door, within 48 hours or you will be NO MORE!" haha, it was awesome.
So then we ding dong ditched two apartments and left the cookies and notes. They passed it along but I haven't seen anything since, so they pretty much suck. lol
First is Caitie Beck, then Shandra Crockett, ME, and Jaime Brown. Awesome people, Caitie and Jaime are my roommates this semester, and it pretty much feels like Shandra is our roommate. haha

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Im so EXCITED for Twilight!

So I got this image from
I cannot wait until this movie comes out! Me and my friends are getting tickets for the midnight showing, its so huge here in the burg - it will be a massive undertaking to get everyone from here to Idaho Falls for the midnight showing! Thats past curfew - how will we be able to sneak out without the RA's knowing? This will take further consideration.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New pictures from this semester!

So these are pictures of me and Treszka! We were at Guitars Unplugged, which is a concert put on by BYU-Idaho that just has a bunch of different local bands playing popular songs. It was soooo much fun! They had some really talented people; there was a band that played a song in tribute to Chuck Norris, and then someone else sang "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls, another band sang "Life is Wonderful", and this one guy sang the Beauty and the Beast song (this is when couples on the floor actually got up and started slow dancing around a bunch of people that were sitting on the floor - LAME, but sweet, but still LAME - I was embarrassed for all of them.) It was fun concert, and I frickin LOVE Treszka, she is one of my favorite people - hilarious and sweet. She is my Idol, lol jk - but seriously.
Also, I have a new haircut in these pictures, so that is super sweet as well.

Some pictures from the summer semester :D

The bottom one is a picture from my 21 birthday in May. We were at Johnny Carinos and it was delicious! I flippin love Johnny's!
This is Jessica and Laura with me; Jessica is leaving on her mission in a few weeks to Italy! Which is flippin fantastic I must say.
This one is of my birthday suit. My roommates bought me the hat, duck, and light saber (no clue about that one. lol) But that was fun.