Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Complimentary backhanded compliments...what?

I want to preface this with saying that I understand that men sometimes don't really know how to compliment a woman in a way that makes her feel really good or special. I also understand that sometimes men just don't know what to say to women, therefore they sometimes make comments or compliments that are actually not very comlimentary. Finally, I also want to say that women are definitely more touchy and analytical when it comes to comments made by the opposite sex. (I understand my limitations and I usually try to work with them.) We over analyze, or we take a perfectly innocent comment or a very sincere compliment and twist it to be negative. I am not condoning this behavior, I merely speak from the heart.

With that being said, I believe that if one chooses to yell something out the window of ones car, it should be pretty dang important. As well as to the point - afterall, you only have a few seconds to get this vital piece of information across to the recipient while driving past them, so it leaves little room for error.

To explain this better, I will give an example of something that may or may not have just happened to me outside of the Kum and Go in Evans, Co.

I realized as I sat at my computer that I was in need of a cool beverage. Instead of drinking some of the perfectly good and nutritious water that we have abundant amounts of in our home, I chose to go to the Kum and Go for a delicious Vanilla Coke. (This is an establishment that I frequent, since I live only 2 blocks from it.) So, as I am leaving this gas station I see a very refined gentleman in a beat-up pick up truck, sideways baseball cap, and wearing a cut off muscle tee (in which there were no muscles to be seen, so it makes one wonder why this man would choose such a shirt). While heading to my car, this man decided that he absolutely had to tell me what he liked in a woman. I am normally very interested in these insights to the male psyche, but he yelled,

"Hey! I really like big women!" Winked, then went along his merry way.

It left me wondering, does he really like big women, or is he mocking me? If he does like big women, then why would he tell me this, unless he felt that I am a big woman. I have no illusions about my size, on the contrary I am very aware of it, since I do buy my own clothing. I also do not have any qualms about dating a man who likes big women, because I know that I like big men. Yet there is something very off-putting about someone yelling this fact out their car window, in a public place, where others may hear it. I wonder what his friends in the car thought of his declaration? Plus, I would prefer the man who felt this way to at least wear clothing that has not been altered by a rusty razor while the wielder is drunk.

The moral of this story, is that we should all be wary of "out of the car window shouters." These people are careless in giving their opinions and how they present themselves. Flinging their word vomit out the window, without regard to innocent passers-by. Any self respecting person, if they have something to say to another, should stop, get out of their car and walk up to the one they wish to say it to. What I hope this will accomplish is to make people realize, that whistling in someones face in a suggestive mannor, or making lewd and insulting comments to someones face just makes you look ridiculous. Therefore, the person who does this is ridiculous.

Nonetheless, muscle tee, I am flattered that you like big women, and that you decided to put me in this esteemed category.


Kelsey and Porter said...

I just read your penis disease boy story AGAIN to my husband and we both laughed loud. We told his parents who then told someone else... you know, you could seriously write a book. Why don't you? You could be filthy rich from this horrible/terribly funny experience!

Kelsey and Porter said...

P.S. This is a hilarious post as well. I'm going to become a follower of YOU. :)