Friday, August 19, 2011

Funky Tunes

I dig funky tunes. I'm just gonna list some songs that I am digging at the moment, cause I am feelin the music at the moment peeps!

You and I - Lady Gaga (I know. It's Lady Gaga. She's a freaky weirdo, but this is definitely a good listen.)

Karma - Joss Stone

Whipped Cream - Ludo

Twist - Frightened Rabbit

Don't Start Lying to Me Now - Joss Stone

Those are the main ones at the moment. However there are many many more. Go search for yourself monkeys! I can't do everything for you!!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Not really. I feel that I have neglected this little safe haven of my thoughts. NO MORE I SAY! Although, I feel like I say that every month... But my diary (or journal for the learned folk) is filled with very similar entries, so it seems that this cycle is destined to continue till the end of time. Well, at least I am consistent.
I come to you today from the hallway outside my kitchen, where I am waiting for delicious chicken to be cooked, so that my roommates and I may eat it without fear of salmonella. My roommates and kitchen have changed since I have last updated this blog, and while they are super awesome, I do miss Natalia something fierce. Natalia is my best friend, my rock, my partner in crime, and it is really hard to not be living with her anymore. But I am glad that we have still been able to hang out and have adventures despite this separation (its only a couple of miles, but it definitely makes a difference). I hope that we can continue in this way for the rest of my contract here and possibly we can find an even awesomer place to live next year. I was hoping that this move would be able to help us both get out of our comfort zones and do more active things since we have both been wanting to do that, and I think it has been working. But this could also be due to the fact that it is summer and we just got the right motivation, but whatever the case, this has been a really good summer so far(except for the bittersweet sadness of not seeing Natalia everyday).

But enough sadness! On to happy things!

So my new roommates are named Payge, Mackenzie(Mack), and Mckenzie(Kenz or Kenzie), and they are pretty awesome. We all have very different yet very similar personalities. So it really works out. Of course anytime you have multiple girls together you get little dramas, and coming from living with Natalia (and Mandi before) I have not had to deal with that much, if at all, so it was a bit of an adjustment at first. Now things seem to be running pretty smoothly though! A little bit of brownie making, a little bit of water gun fighting, a little bit of movie watching, and a whole buncha sleeping. Not too shabby I would say. And I do say.
I also was forced to purchase a window air conditioner after the communist land lords forbade us to use the central air that accompanies this apartment complex. Gastly! Abominable! How DARE they! But, with the use of my window AC unit I have been able to weather the heat in good spirits and high hopes. Hallelujah!

Work is still pretty awesome, I must say. However, I am still shocked by the inconsiderateness of my fellow human beings. People always complain about the rambunctiousness of kids in hotels and such, but its the PARENTS PEOPLE! The evil, self absorbed, demanding, and entitled PARENTS! Where do you think the kids learn all their evil child ways! They ask where they can find a supermarket, I then, very helpfully, tell them that the nearest is Walmart - a couple miles down the road. Then they throw a fit because they had the MISfortune of staying at a hotel that just can't satisfy their "needs". Their "needs" being, breakfast as early as they would like, a massage at o'900 hours, catnip for their parakeet-Stephanie, a hot towel on their feet after they get out of the shower, rose petals leading from their room to the car and a flippin supermarket pretty much IN the hotel. Is that about right douche-bags?! Is that all you want from me?! Or would you like my kidney and my first born child too?! They all but stomp their feet and start crying if they don't get their way! It's be sad if it weren't so maddening, but I forbear. Other than that, work is peachy! I love the lovely people I work with and I really enjoy working at night, because of my creature of the night tendencies.

Welp, I am going to continue to watch Supernatural with the new roomies. I hope you all have a wonderful night and aren't too disappointed by my non informative ramble of no real importance.

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