Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have gotten so behind in all of my classes that its flippin ridiculous! I am in the library right now and probably will be until 7 tonight, when I promised my roommate Jaime that I would go swing dancing with her tonight. (We are going to tape Pushing Daisies :D)
Right now I have about 5 math assignments that I need to do by Friday and a paper that was due Monday - that I am totally not finished with yet. (btw, I hate writing papers, I am a horrible writer and for some reason teachers in writing classes and such seem to not realize it when they assign things. I wish I could do an alternate assignment - like color pictures and things of that nature.)
Math isnt too hard, its just getting it all done thats the problem.
So here I go into the abyss of homework doing. I will come up for air at about 6:50pm. (it is 2:18pm right now).

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