Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Semester 08!

So this picture is from when me and my roommates were bored and made cookies for a couple of our neighbors. We then made up a little poem, it said - "The phantom ghost has come to town, pass some treats to two neighbors around, to those who dont have ghosts on their door, within 48 hours or you will be NO MORE!" haha, it was awesome.
So then we ding dong ditched two apartments and left the cookies and notes. They passed it along but I haven't seen anything since, so they pretty much suck. lol
First is Caitie Beck, then Shandra Crockett, ME, and Jaime Brown. Awesome people, Caitie and Jaime are my roommates this semester, and it pretty much feels like Shandra is our roommate. haha

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