Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm in the Twilight Zone!

So. I have this affliction called - sleepiusthroughphilosophyclassitus. It has a devistating effect on my ability to be awake in order to make it to my philosophy class. Oh how it haunts my days. If only I were normal, like all the other eager school children, ready to be taught and learn knowledge...But alas, sleepiusthroughphilosophyclassitus, or STPC as I like to call it, prevents this from being so.

The reason I am finally coming out about my disease is that I recently decided to battle this terrible illness; who am I if not strong enough to wage war with my harrowing weaknesses!? So with this renewed strength in my resolve today, I set off for my philosophy class that starts at 7pm. Only, as I made it to outside the room, I discovered that there were people already in my class! Watching a black and white movie and reveling in the being-in-classness that I was not enjoying. How could this be, I thought?! I was early, in order to procure notes from the last couple of classes that I had missed due to STPC! Surely I was just a little too early, I reasoned, so I therefore set off embarrassingly down the hallway, digging into my bag to find my syllabus. This would surely set things straight for me. Only, it did not. Since when was my class on Mondays, Wednesdays AND Fridays? and how long had my class started at 6pm? I must have the wrong syllabus, or else the teacher must have just handed out a basic one for all his classes. If my class had started at 6, my STPC must have put me more off track than I thought! Too embarrassed to walk into class if it was almost over, I trekked to the library to make things clearer.

At the library I found a cosy computer next to the wall in which to do my investigating. After logging in, I found the link to my philosophy class and discovered that I had been correct - class was at 7pm. This was good news, I was not crazy after all, but, who then was in my classroom? The thought came to me that maybe the teacher had cancelled class today or otherwise moved it...either the place or the time. Convinced that any self respecting teacher would send a reminder email to all his students, I checked my school email account to confirm my suspicions. But he hadn't sent an email. Not one! My only email from this teacher was a link to the reading we were supposed to have read today, which as another symptom of STPC, I had not done. I was now extremely confused. I had gone to the same room as before, at the same time as before and yet, nothing was as it was before!

After exhausting all my efforts on the trusty school computer, I determined that I would head back to the classroom. Maybe I could get there in time for the class to be dismissed and ask one of my fellow students what in the world was happening. I was just in time! The class was leaving as I got back around 7:22pm, so I hurried to catch up to someone I recognized. I didn't recognize anyone! Even the teacher that left the classroom was distinctly more geriatric than my memories of the attractive 30 something teacher of before.

I decided to call it quits. I had no clue what happened and I was too distraught over missing my Philosophy class yet again to even try catching up to anyone else. I must now gather the courage to email my teacher and explain my STPC to him and my twilight zone experience. Hopefully he will be understanding of my plight.

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Meredith said...

BAH HA HA HA HA oh Stacey!!!! That is really kinda awesome; I'm not going to lie.