Monday, November 17, 2008

Picture scavenger hunt

Alright ladies and gents. This is our FHE picture scavenger hunt. So here is the run down of pictures. This first one up here was "find a sign and do what it says", we we are gathering. The next one is we had to take a picture with a red head, so the wendy's girl would do. :D (Jaime is upon my shoulders. lol) then we had to take a picture of something we would drool over - and that was mike and his truck. but he is shunning us because of his engagment to another woman (no joke haha). AHAHAHA! the one with caitie basically flashing an unsuspecting citizen and student of byu idaho is our "awkward moment" picture. (she had on a shirt, dont worry.)
Next we have "the perfect date" which is a bunch of us girls and ben going to jensens jewlers. typical byu perfect date. jk - but seriously. the two after that are our "things a stalker would do" and ben is in the trash can starring longingly at jaime. but really, who wouldnt.
and last but certainly not least, is ben performing a scene from a disney movie. which disney movie you ask? High School Musical 3 - zac efrons emo angst song. he is torn between basketball and theater! what ever will he choose! and i think ben portrays those emotions beautifully.

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