Friday, December 30, 2011

The Head and Heart Dilemma

You know, I think the purpose of my life is to find a way to be content with myself. I think alot of the issues that I have with others or in interactions with others stems from not being content with myself.
Now, this doesn't mean that I am not generally a happy person, I am, and I really do like making and seeing other people happy. No, what I am talking about is that feeling of satisfaction from knowing who you are, what you believe, what you are willing to do, what you will not do, who you enjoy to be around and identify with, what you want to do with your life, and having the self control to stay true to all of these things.
That last bit, the self control part, I really think that is my problem. You know when you work out (very rarely for me, but I'm using this as an analogy, so sue me), you are supposed to work out all your muscles so you can be well rounded and equally healthy and all that. Well I think, mentally, I have only been working out a couple of my muscles, so now I look like that creepy guy from Lady in the Water who only worked out one of his arms, so he was all off balance and off putting? Thats what my brain looks like, inside. I have worked out my "self indulgance" muscles too much, so now when I try to have self control and actually do the things that I need and want to do, it's really hard and much easier to just fall back and let my muscley arm do the heavy lifting instead of my weak arm who is all struggling and a sad excuse for an arm. The weak arm has good intentions, but it just cant compete with Mr. Muscle. Dang you Mr. Muscle! Why did I not see the damage I was doing while only letting you do the work!? (Shaking my fist in the air)

If you don't know what I am talking about really, thats ok. I think the main point here, is I think in all of us we have two people. I think they are represented by the brain and the heart (metaphorically of course). They are both equally important because we need them both to survive, but the heart represents passion here and the brain represents what you know. In my case, they are always flippin warring with eachother! So to tie it in with the previous analogy, I am going to say that the heart is your strong arm, and you can only fully function healthily if the brain and the heart are equally as strong.
Im going to use cheating on someone as yet another analogy, because since this is public and not my journal, I don't feel comfortable airing all my dirty laudry here. So cheating, since this is not a problem I struggle with, but it parallels my issues in that you are towing two lines, I am gonna use it.

In this scenario, you are a woman in love with your husband. You have a good marriage and you know that he is a good man, he provides for your every need, maybe not the crazy flashy things, but you have what you need and he is always there for you and you love him and support him equally back. BUT, there is this other guy, super hot, super attractive, on the surface - he compliments you, he buys you flashy things, he pleases you in every way, but he doesn't provide anything you need, he only provides the surface things.
So it's obvious you would pick the first guy yes? In my head that is what would be the best choice, because if you have what you need from your partner, you are then able to have what you want as well, and if he is a good man and cares for you and you love him equally back, then of course that is the best choice. BUT, what if you gave in once to the flashy guy? For whatever the reason, you were feeling weak that day and this guy came along and took advantage of that weakness (and by take advantage I am not taking responsibility away from me/you/the woman, I am just saying he benefits from the situation as well). So what do you do? Best case, admit your guilt and work through it yes? Well, in this case, no you dont, you just let yourself feel the guilt, which in turn makes you feel worse, because you love your husband and hate that you would do something like that that would hurt him. So you just sit around in your guilt and self hatred, your husband tries to help you, but that makes you feel worse and whats more, he cant help because you cant tell him whats wrong. So what do you do? Well, flashy guy is still there yes? You cant feel better inside because those needs are not being met by yourself and especially not your husband, so outward flashy guy comes back and offers to help you feel better another way, so you take it. Which then leads to just a spiral of cheating to feel better for just a bit, but then feeling even worse each and every time. You become numb to what you are doing, each time its worse, but yet you numb yourself to the feeling because if you don't, how can you live with yourself. You then begin to resent your husband, because all of the self hatred cant be contained and has to be let out in some way, so who do we go for? The people we love, those closest to us. I think maybe because the people we love want whats best for us, and push us to be the best we can be, and when we aren't we fear their disappointment, which only makes us angry at them that they can't love us for who we are now. But it's not them that are disappointed in us, its ourselves who we are disappointed in, but out bodies can't handle that amount of hatred and sadness. We think we can, but it's bound to come out. Just like when you are happy and content, that can't just be contained within our bodies alone and it comes out of us in service and smiles and laughter and friendships; hatred comes out of us in bitterness, frowns, lies, suspisions, anger, selfishness, and hatred of others.
So basically this is what I feel caught between, the loving husband who I love and want to be with, who I know is the healthier and happier option, but because I have been giving in to the outward flashy guy for so long, it's hard to finally go back and admit all of the things that have happened that could have been avoided if I had only told my loving husband about the first transgression. Instead I had to let it spiral.
So lets see if I can connect all my analogies and stories haha. So with the heart and brain analogy, ideally, we should have our hearts and heads in the same places, they should be equally strong. In my world, they are disconnected. My brain knows where it wants to be and knows where I should be. I know it with everything I am. But because I strayed from where I know I should be and had a taste of something that a part of me liked, I gave life and strength to something new and not healthy. So my heart, my passion if you will, is with this new thing, this outward flashy guy, even while I know that my heart should be with my loving husband, the healthier and therefore happier option. But, I have given all my strength and time to outward flashy guy, so therefore my heart desires this more than my loving husband, so I am out of balance. My heart is stronger than my head. When I try and realign myself and make myself do something that I know in my head is right, it is an extreme struggle. Why? Because the muscle is weak, or in other words, a part of me still really really wants outward flashy guy. Wants in the sense that he is what I know, he is what is normal for me now. When I try and make my brain do something it's a struggle because I then have to actually FEEL the pain I have caused myself and others because of doing the wrong thing. Just like when you are working out. Lets say you have been doing a push up wrong, you have been doing it in a way that has been easier and you have gotten used to it and those other muscles are trained to do it in a way that no longer brings you alot of pain. Well, then when you are told you are doing it wrong, you try and do it the right way, but you feel pain again, and since you know of a way of doing it without pain, it makes sense to fall back on the other way, even if its wrong, right? But it is wrong, and you will be far better off in the long run if you train your body to do it the right way.

I know this is a huge gigantic ramble of ridiculousness. If you got through that, I applaud you, if you got through that and it actually made sense, I will give you a kiss! haha

Anyways, so that is my stuggle. Not actually cheating though. And I know there are many many different reasons and scenerios in which people cheat, but that one worked best to show my point without giving much away.

I promise to have a funny post up soon, I have just been struggling with trying to explain to myself and others what I am struggling with (haha), and so I try it out here first. :)

Have a lovely day and Happy New Year!!!!

Good Intent by Kimbra

You heard the crickets of the early eve
They lurk around the opening in two's & three's
Clementine told you not to move with the breeze
I'll take you down to places where we dare not speak

The red light in the doorway says she's armed
But boy go try your luck and you might get pass
Step into the dwelling of the liger's mouth
Peer into the panic for a kick and swell
You know you shouldn't be there but it's way past bed
There's comfort in the fingers of your good intent
You know you shouldn't be there but your money's all spent
You've got your reputation and your good intent
Your good intent

Out to feed that habit when you've sowed that seed
Nothing made you feel out of the ordinary
But the air turns sombre and the night took heed
Took you on a waltz of hypocrisy
She broke your bones, now you're lying in the dirt
The shadow of a hunter under your torture
It's not enough to say, it's not what's in your heart
You've tainted every moment till death do we part

I know you didn't mean it, boy you meant so well
The pennies are cascading down your wishing well
I know you didn't mean it when you counted to ten
You're slipping through the fingers of your good intent

I know you didn't mean it, though you meant so well
The pennies are cascading down your wishing well
I know you didn't mean it when you counted to ten
You got your reputation and your good intent
Such a good intent

It's not enough to hope for the best
It's not enough to lie there on a brace
The liger's on the prowl now you've pulled at the strings
One false move and soon you're playing dice for a

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Carol Joy said...

I read it, and I think it totally makes sense Stacey!!! I love you bunches, and I know you can do anything you choose to put your mind (and your heart) to!! ;) Even though change is hard and so often painful... :/