Monday, March 8, 2010

Salt Lake City aka. Party Town

This Sunday evening, Natalia, Erika and I will make the trek to Salt Lake City that so many pioneers before us have made. This time we will be driving a car, instead of a wagon, and we will not be heading to this beautiful mountain valley to escape from religious persecution, but for an exciting spring break party time.
I know what you're thinking, "How can one party in Utah? Do they even believe in fun?" - why yes, yes they do.
How do I know this? Because they are my people.
Who's they? Mormons, Latter Day Saints, my friends. (not all of them, obviously - but close.)
Of course we will stay sober, so that we will fully be able to enjoy every minute of our time in the Beehive State. No, there will be no "what happened last night?! I was soo hammered!". There will only be the full recognition that we made complete fools of ourselves the night before, with no booze to blame it on - Just our own fully sober selves.
You may think that sounds unpleasant, but its not. Not at all.

But now we have 1 week before we are to make our journey. I must get my crap together!

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