Saturday, February 27, 2010

Drugs? no, no drugs thank you.

This will be my first blog in I believe a little over a year! That is preposterous, and will not be tolerated any longer.

So I come to you today from my bedroom, where typing has become a little difficult because I have just gotten acrylic nails and I am not used to the extraness that it gives my fingers. Therefore, if you see a randome letter in a word that is not supposed to be there, please ignore it and move on.

I do have some new pictures to post, which I think speak for themselves, but if you do not speak picture language or the language of me - then here is an explaination. It will be brief.

Erika(the girl who is not me in these pictures) and I both had a day (yesterday) where we were not scheduled to be slaves for the man. This obviously meant that we had a free day to catch up on homework and do other things that were not homework.
I would like to interject here though and say in my defense, that I actually was fully prepared and ready to do some major studying this day.
But SOMEONE (Erika and my zany counterpart that lives inside me) decided it would be better to go out to eat, get nails done, buy hilarious yet truthful shirts, and go out to eat again before even making the attempt (thats all it was) to study. Oh well, whats done is done and cannot be undone. I had alot of fun though and I feel like it was exactly what the doctor ordered.
If the doctor were some sort of eccentric life coach.

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